Womens Elegant Evening Jumpsuit

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Jumpsuits have come a long way. They are now designed in the most beautiful and elegant styles. What was once relegated to the casual category has now graduated to evening wear, thanks to the fact that the world’s top designers now have jumpsuits and rompers as part of their collection. And lately they have become the hottest thing in clubwear, so don’t be surprised if you see many of them on the dance floor.

Two examples I find very sleek and elegant:

Womens elegant evening jumpsuits pictured:
Left: Allegra K Woman Deep V Neck Sleeveless Halter Jumpsuit Light Gray S
Right: Allegra K Women One Shoulder Full Length Jumpsuit Black S

Womens Camo Cargo Shorts

Part of what makes cargo shorts appealing is their practicality. They tend to have more pockets than regular shorts, and those pockets are often the close-able type, featuring Velcro, metal snaps or buttons. Cargo shorts are cut so that they stop a bit above the knee, so if you like shorts that keep you cool while still covering your upper legs, then they are the right choice.

These caught my eye because of the “camo” pattern, which I’m not usually crazy about, but somehow these look good:

Womens camo cargo shorts pictured: Dickies Women’s Ripstop Drawstring Cargo Short

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Womens navy blue dress shoes

You can’t go wrong with a classic style in a classic color. Just make sure your whole outfit is well color-coordinated, and don’t forget that includes accessories. Especially handbags, since they traditionally should match the color of your shoes. Aside from color, the material your shoe is made of is also important. Leather and leather-like materials are usually well-suited to dress shoes.

Here’s a version I find looks quite classy – notice the open toe – love it!
Womens navy blue dress shoes - b
Nine West Women’s Orissa Patent Dress Pump