Ladies black swim shorts

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Swim shorts are sometimes quite long, but they don’t have to be. Kind of like boy-shorts, they can vary greatly in length. In any case, it should be fairly easy to find a swim short in the style and color you want, including black. Remember that if you are used to swimming in regular bathing suits you may find that swim shorts feel a little odd – like swimming with your clothes on. But it’s something you can get used to easily.

I’m not crazy about black when it comes to bathing suits, but I do like the length of these:
ladies black swim shorts
Ladies black swim shorts pictured: Bohn Swimwear Ladies Swim Jammer Shorts – Black or Dark Blue

Pictured above: 1- Undercover Waterwear Ladies Swim Shorts 2- Undercover Waterwear Ladies Swim Shorts with Attached Panty 3- ALove Boardshorts Women Board Swim Surf Shorts for Womens 4- Beach Belle Women's Loose Short 5- Baleaf Women's 7" Compression Fitness Pocket Running Shorts

Womens Camo Cargo Shorts

Part of what makes cargo shorts appealing is their practicality. They tend to have more pockets than regular shorts, and those pockets are often the close-able type, featuring Velcro, metal snaps or buttons. Cargo shorts are cut so that they stop a bit above the knee, so if you like shorts that keep you cool while still covering your upper legs, then they are the right choice.

These caught my eye because of the “camo” pattern, which I’m not usually crazy about, but somehow these look good:

Womens camo cargo shorts pictured: Dickies Women’s Ripstop Drawstring Cargo Short

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