Fabric locker shelves

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Lockers are fine for hanging coats in, but that little shelf up top doesn’t give you much space to put books and supplies. Fortunately there are fabric shelves you can simply hang in your locker, providing you with extra surfaces to put your stuff on. They come in great colors, too. Of course, the downside is that once you install one of these, there is very little room left for hanging your coat.

Here are a few examples – I prefer the look of the black one, myself:
fabric locker shelf
Fabric locker shelves pictured:
Left: Locker Ladder Locker Organizer Hanging Shelves Sewn in the USA (Black)
Middle: LockerWorks Hanging Locker Organizer (Purple/teal)
Right: LockerWorks Hanging Locker Organizer – Fuchsia/black