Battery powered closet lights

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In closets, cabinets and other small cramped spaces, we could often use some light. One option is to have a flashlight always at the ready. Another to stick on or screw in small battery powered lights that turn on at the touch of a button. The advantage here is that it leaves both your hands free to find and to get whatever you are looking for. Of course, the disadvantage is that they require installation.

Two examples – I don’t find these types of fixtures very attractive, but I guess they would do the job:
battery powered closet lights
Battery powered closet lights pictured:
Top: OxyLED T-01 DIY Stick-on Anywhere 4-LED Touch Tap Light Push Light, LED Night Light for Closets, Attics, Garages, Car, Sheds, Storage Room
Bottom: GE 50995 Fluorescent Closet Light, 12-Inch Battery Operated, Plastic