Dinosaur Halloween costume for kids

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Whether pterodactyl, triceratops or T-Rex, kids love dinosaurs. So don’t be surprised if that’s what they want to dress as this Halloween. There is no shortage of costumes to chose from, so it should be fairly easy to find one that depicts your child’s favorite species. Some costumes come with mittens, which is great for keeping your little one’s hand warm – just make sure they can still handle their treat bag!

Here are three examples that I find quite adorable:
dinosaur halloween costumes for kids
Dinosaur Halloween costumes for kids pictured:
Left: Green Triceratops Dinosaur Toddler Costume 18-24 months
Middle: Forum Novelties Plush Cuddlee Triceratops Costume
Right: Forum Novelties Plush Cuddlee Raptor Costume

And I like both of these too – especially the one on the left:
dinosaur halloween costumes for kids - b
Left: Palamon – Plush T-Rex Child Costume – One Size (Fits Sizes 4-8)
Right: Kids Dinosaur Costume

Pirate Halloween costume for men

Some costumes are classics. Outfits that are always popular throughout the decades. This is certainly true of pirate costumes, which for the most part, haven’t changed very much at all over the years. But recently, thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, there are new costumes available that are cooler looking than the traditional ones, imitating the look of Johnny Depp’s character.

These are very cool looking, IMHO:
pirate halloween costumes for men
Pirate Halloween costumes for men pictured:
Left: California Costumes Men’s Adult-Cutthroat Pirate, Black/Red/White, M (40-42) Costume
Middle: Disguise Men’s Disney Pirates Classic Costume
Right: California Costumes Men’s Blackheart The Pirate Costume

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Sexy mermaid Halloween costume

Mermaid costumes tend to be form-fitting, partly because the bottom part has to resemble a tail as much as possible. Sometimes the costume comes as a one-piece dress, other times, the top part is either a corset or a bikini top, and the bottom is a fish-tailed skirt. Some of these costumes are very tight around the legs, so if you plan on doing a fair amount of walking, you should make sure you can move around comfortably while wearing one.

Here’s one that caught my eye. I love how shiny this version of the costume is:
sexy mermaid halloween costume
Sexy mermaid Halloween costume pictured: Under The Sea Sexy Mermaid Costume by Forplay