Cushioned outdoor folding rocking chairs

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There’s nothing like the relaxing feeling you get gently rocking on a rocking chair on a breezy summer evening. But, if you’re like me, you find that sitting in any type of hard chair for a long period of time is hard on the back, and on the butt. Fortunately a few makers of lawn furniture do make padded rocking chairs, so that you can enjoy that blissful time to its fullest. An alternative would be to get cushions that you can tie to the chair.

An example that I think looks more comfortable than your average folding chair:
cushioned outdoor folding rocking chair
Cushioned outdoor folding rocking chairs pictured:
Left: Prime Products 13-6605 La Jolla Rocker
Right: Prime Products 13-6602 La Jolla California Blue Rocker Chair

Another example – I don’t like the shape of the back on this one:
Cushioned outdoor folding rocking chair - b
Prime Products 13-6806 Cambria Padded Rocker

Triceratops costumes for kids

Kids love dinosaurs, and every child has his or her favorite one. If your child loves the triceratops, then a gift to consider could be a triceratops costume. Kids can play at being a fierce dino, or they can wear it as a Halloween costume. Make sure their vision is not blocked by the mask or headpiece, and make sure they can walk easily without a chance of them tripping over their costume.

Three examples I think my son would love:
triceratops costumes for kids
Triceratops costumes for kids:
Left: Child Triceratops
Middle: Toddler Green Triceratops Halloween Costume (Size: 2T-4T)
Right: Forum Novelties Plush Cuddlee Triceratops Costume

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Girls hippie Halloween costumes

In the late sixties and early seventies, the hippie way of dressing was all about colors and fun. If your daughter wants to be a “flower child” for Halloween, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of costumes available in that style. It is also easy enough to put together your own costume from clothes found at vintage clothing stores, or tie-dye your own, if you’re willing to make the effort.

Three fun examples – and very cute, I think:
girls hippie halloween costume
Girls hippie Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: Feeling Groovy Child’s Brown Woodstock Diva Costume, Medium
Middle: Daisy Hippie Toddler Costume (Large-3T-4T)
Right: California Costumes Flower Child Costume, Medium