Office shelf dividers

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There’s no denying that file folders do a great job of keeping things orderly in an office, but there are those documents that we access quite frequently and that consequently should be within easier reach. This is where shelf dividers come in. They let you keep files right on a shelf or on your desk, so they are easy to find and easily accessed. The common color for these is grey, but they are also available in bright, decorative colors.

I love the glossy look of these – perfect for adding a bit of color to a shelf:
office shelf dividers
Office shelf dividers pictured: STEELMASTER Soho Collection Deluxe Steel 9 Inch Bookends, 1 Pair, Vibrant Red (241009107)

Wood monitor riser

When much of your working day is spend looking at a computer screen, it is important that it be at the right height. This means that your head should be in a comfortable position and that your eyes are at the level of the screen. A simple and affordable way to ensure this is to use a riser on which you can simple place your screen. Another option would be an adjustable  mounting arm, but that is a more expensive solution.

I like how this model also provides a shelf and a drawer:
wood monitor riser
Wood monitor riser pictured: Victor Technology 11755 Monitor Riser, 13 in.x13 in.x6-1/2 in., Midnight Black

Pictured above: 1-ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxury Monitor Stand Riser, Bamboo Office Desk Storage Organizer. 2-Designs2Go Small TV / Monitor Riser, Cherry by Convenience Concepts. 3-Samdi Universal Desktop Computer Monitor Heighen Wooden Stand Dock Holder Display Bracket for iMac PC Notebook Laptop (Walnut Color). 4-Prosumer’s Choice Natural Bamboo iMac Monitor Stand Riser | Desktop Organizer. 5-Vencer® “Charlie” Decorative Wooden Monitor Riser and Desk Organizer (oak)
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