Long Gothic coat for men

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If you are into the Goth aesthetic, you know that typically, Goth coats are black and very long. In some cases, long enough to touch the floor. They are often made from light fabrics so as to keep them reasonably lightweight. That way they can still be worn in comfort for long periods. But comfort has never been what the goth style is all about. It’s about a dark, eerie, mysterious attitude that translates itself into the clothes you wear.

These look kind of cool – but they’re a bit too scary for me:

Long Gothic coats for men pictured:
Left: Necessary Evil Odin Goth Full Length Black Twill Mens Hooded Coat – Small – Black
Right: California Costumes Men’s Vampire Costume Black Medium

These types of coats, depending on the cost and how much you’re willing to spend, could also be worn as part of a costume, for Halloween, costume parties or cosplay. Pair your coat with some black boots, and you basically create the effect you are after, without much effort.

White strapless jumpsuit for women

Jumpsuits used to be the kind of thing that was bought mostly for comfort, but recently they have become downright glamorous. Indeed, what was once strictly frumpy has transformed itself into fashionable clothing. Jumpsuits are also very popular as clubwear. Maybe it’s because they are comfortable and leave your body free to dance, or maybe it’s because they’re just plain sexy. Some models are even appropriate for formal events.

I love the retro look of this white model:

White strapless jumpsuit for women pictured: Koh Koh Women’s Flattering One Shoulder 3/4 Sleeve Versatile Jumpsuit Playsuit Romper

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Silver bolero jackets for evening dresses

Shrug jackets can help a woman feel a little bit warmer when wearing a strapless dress by covering her shoulders, which tend to get cold easily. It also covers a bit of the chest, which may make some women more comfortable. But of course it also looks great, and can be used just for its look and style. A silver colored bolero shrug would go well with a grey, white or (of course) silver dress, but since silver reflects light, it could go with just about any color.

Here’s a nice example – I love the “poofy” sleeves:

Silver bolero jackets for evening dresses pictured: Luxury Divas Short Sleeve Dressy Satin Bolero Shrug Jacket