Over-the-toilet storage units

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If you want to add storage space to your bathroom, you have basically two options: adding a stand-alone floor-standing piece of furniture, or mounting a shelving unit to the wall. Both will provide you with shelving that you can use for bath products, toiletries and small towels. The advantage of the floor-standing models is that there is no mounting involved. You may have to do some assembling though, depending on the model.

I like the simple look of both of these, and I especially like the curved detail on the white one:

Over-the-toilet storage pictured:
Left: Zenith Products 9107W Country Cottage Etagere Over-the-Toilet Shelving System, White
Right: Zenith Products Espresso Wood Moderne Frosted Glass Window Spacesaver

Free-Standing Towel Rack

Most every bathroom already has a towel bar mounted on the wall, and of course, the shower curtain rod is often used for the same purpose. But if you need additional hanging and drying space for towels, you may want to consider a stand alone towel rack. With an extra towel stand, every member of the family can hang their wet towels up to dry, instead of throwing them on the floor or in the hamper for an unnecessary wash.

Two examples – I love the look of the wooden one:

Free-standing towel racks pictured:
Left: Organize It All Lohas Towel Rack
Right: Organize It All Acrylic 3 Bar Towel Rack with Bottom Shelf

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